UK Shoppers To Be Safe Online


With the blindingly fast reflexes of a gazelle, the UK authorities, in the form of the OFT (The Office of Fair Trading) will be covering the backs of online shoppers, looking to see if existing retail protection laws are up to the job. They'll be letting us all know by the Spring of next year.

OFT will examine online shopping

The OFT said it wanted to establish whether current consumer laws was up to the job of protecting online shoppers.

This bally interweb thing, the chaps out there are using it, don't you know?

"This study is core to the OFT's mission to make markets work well for consumers," said John Fingleton, chief executive of the OFT.

"The OFT is committed to looking proactively at identifying and addressing new and future challenges, so as to ensure that consumers and the economy benefit from the innovation and choice that the internet can offer."

Well meaning, I'm sure, but an equivalently-paced sense of urgency might be appropriate, no?


They could not be better protected

The EU Distance Selling Regulations could hardly do much more to protect the online consumer.
It really is a godsend that so many people are unaware of their rights.
The opportunity for abuse is terrifying for people who actually sell online


I think the OFT are reasonably on the ball - well at least some of their staff are, they actually purchase online from us anyway :)

First time I saw on OFT email on my order confirmation - I nearly shat myself, thinking "what have we done wrong", "what are they checking up on".

I agree with the statement that people are very unaware of their rights when purchasing online, we spend quite a lot of time reassuring customers about online purchasing.


Just wondering. If this was something that happened in the States we'd be reading about how fucked up and ineffective it would be...

OFT would become the acro for 'officially fucking them'. But in the UK the OFT will naturally become an effective force in fair trade...

Secret Squirrel Shoppers

First time I saw on OFT email on my order confirmation - I nearly shat myself, thinking "what have we done wrong", "what are they checking up on".

From a Guardian piece on this - OFT to investigate online shopping as sales boom - comes the following quote:

An OFT spokeswoman stressed no individual companies were under investigation in the latest exploratory research, which will seek contributions from operators and consumer groups as well as conducting a mystery shopping programme. While the OFT has received a small and growing number of complaints concerning internet retailers, the study has not been prompted by any allegation of anti-competitive or illegal practices.

Oh, and DG? If the 'gullible' comment alludes to the title of this thread, my tongue was every-so-slightly-in-cheek. See, TW needs emoticons, tons of'em.

I found the OFT useful

A couple of years ago bought a couple of monitors which had 'false' descriptions, the company would not honour the return, got OFT involved and the online descriptions were changed and I got all my money back :)

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