Is it really so ?


Do people like this really exist ?

Am I that naive to hope that this is a hoax?

What do you think, is Linux the European threat to life, software, safety and sanctity itself?


I get a 404...

I get a 404...

I call troll

That's got to be a troll post. (not yours, the linked one). She's an admitted republican, so she's not that dumb as to believe that rhetoric. Unless it's a liberal trying to mask themselves as a republic. That's entirely possible, they're tricky that way y'know.




hysterical though - theres a great post saying that

-Percentage of European marriages being divoced as a result of leather or rubber fetishes: 25
-Percentage of Europeans wearing rubber or leather underwear: 29

where is all this hot leather action and how come I've missed out on it all??

Linkbait or Real - to hard

Linkbait or Real - to hard to tell, world if full of people with crazy/extreme opinions – eg. Doug Heil

where is all this hot

where is all this hot leather action and how come I've missed out on it all?

Have a word with UKGimp

that site is terrifying

if that post is a troll, then have a look at the rest of the site. I honestly hope it's parody or some kind of joke. I would really be scared if i thought there were people who really feel this way.

have a look at the Europe: Liberal Hell article...she paints a frightening picture of what America could become (LOL):

-Percentage of Europeans wearing rubber or leather underwear: 29
-Percentage of European marriages being divoced as a result of leather or rubber fetishes: 25

hard to say..

hard to say..

I was on my local Republican mailing list for sometime and they sent me some really kooky stuff. I finally had to tell them to stop as it just got to be too outragous.

I need to find where the sane Republican's are meeting at so I can go there.


It probably is for real and we've got much worse than that in the UK.
Way off topic I know but take a look at which probably gives some veracity to the site in question. There are total nuts everywhere.

that can't be real. Just

that can't be real. Just reading Hate : Made in Europe...

the waves of hate coming from Europe towards our great nation get higher and stronger by the day...
American travelers get insulted and beat up in the streets. Flags get burned in muslim neighborhoods and our fine President George W. Bush is called "Monkeyboy" or "Bush-Nazi".

Laughing at that... pure brilliance.

I can't believe anyone can write that with a straight face. Or pen. Or keyboard. You know what I'm saying.

It's so full of bull

it makes your eyes water.

Computers an "American invention"? Now that's news, heh! European and Chinese hackers "jealous" of American techno progress? Inane.

How come right wing Americans always seem to think the whole world must be fanatically jealous of them? Can't fathom the idea that "the world" maybe couldn't care less, eh?

And shouldn't they, of all people, understand what hate is? ("They hate our freedom" as a presidential "argument" explaining the likes of Bin Laden etc. - oh dear ...)

Must be a highly pronounced anal retentive mindset, possibly provoked by an unwholesome predilection towards junk food & thought ...

Then again, what would one expect from a site that's titled "For God, Freedom and George W. Bush"? Seems all too real for me, I'm afraid.

No way!

Just spent the last twenty minutes on the site and I found myself giggling throughout the entire lot, absolute genius! No way is it genuine, but I am off to do some manual work in stilletos...

It must be a gag

Like Jesus' General (although you can never be sure).

But why is the penguin's beret black instead of red?

I think this site is just as

I think this site is just as real as or

A joke is only good if it could be real ... :)

Oh it's real enough

You can smell the hysterical rhetoric a mile away, these people seem sincere.

I'm shocked it didn't have a link to the National Alliance with some nonsense about Linux being an African word.

If you don't think they're serious, I remember back when people seriously thought Snapple was in league with the KKK because some illiterate moron thought the (K) symbol, which means kosher, was a Klan logo. I met some idiots that believed this nonsense and set them straight so I'm well aware of the depth of ignorance.

It's the same type of xenophobic hype, just a new product.

Maybe I should go stir the pot and tell them Linux was the inspiration of Intelligent Design and Windows is the mark of the beast.

>sane Republicans

Oxymoron? :)


Her blog is definitely on a Linux box running all sorts of anti-American free software:

Apache/1.3.34 (Unix) mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/4.4.2 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.25 OpenSSL/0.9.7a

Don't tell Shelley, her head might explode.


I think Tony Spencer is a Republican...and a cool cat at the same time.

I don't really hate Republicans on any level, and think many of them are totally sane.

What I hate is doing things like calling something Clean Air Act and then the contents of it deleting environmental protection. That or saying small government while ballooning government expenses. Or saying that environmental protections are causing the high gas prices then nixing them while meanwhile the oil companies are raking in 10s of billions of dollars.

I'm going to send it to

I'm going to send it to Mivox just so I can hear the scream all the way from Alaska!

offending a political party

makes for excellent linkbait, but only really makes you like minded friends. i wonder if toolbar data can detect your political affiliations. talking politics ranks up there on the list of least favorite things to do except, perhaps, with people that think just like me that i don't have to argue with. i dislike all politics near equally.

If this is just a parody

it's conducted by someone with patently too much time on their hands. That site's quite extensive and as far as I've reviewed it, it's all more or less of the same tenor, nothing indicating that this is in any way tongue in cheek. Of course, some of the comments may be made up by people merely posing as ultra right cranks.

After all, as the old cartoon goes: "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" (vide ) or then again, maybe they do nowadays, pace the Google kraken's ever expanding mega spook outfit.

Stop Wondering

>> i wonder if toolbar data can detect your political affiliations.

Data is there. In fact, budgets are allocated to target those affiliations. Big bucks. Think geo-targeting in conjunction with toolbar data. Target folks with disposable income and an affiliation...

Good to see you back Ralph.

budgets are allocated

they weren't in 2004

last Presidential election I was able to get tons of swing state visitors for next to nothing. a shame that I didn't start my campaign earlier, that Ohio closed the poles with people in lines, and that the dems had to eat their own when Howard Dean was probably the only guy in the lot with a lick of charisma.

>>they weren't in 2004

Welcome to 08. ;)

don't get me wrong

I will have more budget allocated. ;)

I may also need to set up content sites to leverage improper budgeting by others. Perhaps my overpriced AdSense content ads on my site will entirely fund my cheaper and better targeted AdWords buys :)

Gas and Green

'nuff said.

I keep changing my mind

I keep changing my mind about it being link bait or real. I hope it's linkbait.

I once somehow got on to an American (I'm aussie) Republican Christian nut email list. They were planning to boycott the US Postal Service because of the release of a commerative stamp depicting 2 famous and well respected muslims. They tried explaining to me how this can't be tollerated. amazing.


Clean Air Act and then the contents of it deleting environmental protection
saying small government while ballooning government expenses

You should read 1984 again :)

One of the comments written

One of the comments written in response said it better than I ever could:

SHELLEY! Please pray for me and my linux machine so I won't feel guilty while jacking off to internet porn tonight using Mozilla!

Heh heh

if we are talking linkbait,

if we are talking linkbait, will be interesting to see how it grows.

A modest 42 and counting.

Only 23 if you take out her

Only 23 if you take out her blogspot version.

I thought this may well be perfect link bait. I guess it really is real


Purely incidental.
Those comments are from the heart.




I mean, is that blog watched by a freekin' army ?

seems real to me

That's just some guy/girl with opinions expressing them... not even especially extreme ones at that. I've heard far worse than that. As for republicans, I wouldn't know - we don't have that party here. We've got no democrats either.

I think the audience of this site is "professionally biased" thinking about linkbait. Some people couldn't care less about links or SEO.

bosh! linkbait extraordinaire

found my way back to the site today via ihategoogle

23 links a few days ago is now a hefty 7220

At last - confirmed hoax

At last, I found confirmation on the purpose of this website. It is a hoax.

Nice find

and might be a good buy to integrate into your link pop portfolio. :-)


I wanted to believe this thing was real! Foiled again.

Let me doff my hat to the

Let me doff my hat to the most extraordinary, amazing and effective linkbait campaigns I have ever seen.

HUGE Kudos to the boys n gals at Shelley's hangout

A weekly Black Hat Award

might be in order here. Any takers? :-)

Should have kept reading to

Should have kept reading to the end, RickStar

Shelley says:
"Actually, all of the above is a lie. Tristan wrote it, he is such a nerd! I am real and I mean it and I don't want you to comment and I will never stop, because I have God on my side and George W. Bush and they told me to fight the evil democ-rats!!!
Best wishes from Iowa City, Iowa. I love you all, almost.

ha ha

Well spotted TallTroll.

Doesn't make much difference to me though. Just adds to the wierd humor of it. And to think I thought Americans didn't do sarcasim?

We believe that it takes a

We believe that it takes a great deal more rhetorical alacrity to argue for something that is blatantly insane. A child could find the flaws in Shelley's arguments and most teenagers have a better grasp on reality than that fool Tristan.

Since when did that matter? Plenty of people here were trolled.

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