Pre Teen Sex? Scraper Sites? Poker Blogs? Warez Directories? No Problem. Legit Conent? Banned from AdSense!


We have noted in the past that Google openly supports Warez activities by placing their ads on Warez sites. Google has been known to sell Pre teen sex AdWords ads on occasion as well.

Recently they banned an AdSense publisher, who points out the hypocrisy of it all in one of the better rants I have seen in a few months:

The only web-publisher in the world permitted to display Google ads alongside sizzling hardcore filth is, in fact, Google. Though some would consider it immoral, the business is obviously far too lucrative for them to pass up.

Google draw their own line at bestiality but any AdSense-funded publisher who has the temerity to mention church-sanctioned marital sex in the missionary position is skating on very thin ice indeed - even if it's done only once a week with the lights off for the sole purpose of making a lovely baby.

Well at least he got a PR 7 out of the deal. Nice rant ;)

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church-sanctioned marital sex in the missionary position

Ewww...can you blame them? ;)

I hear ya Jill

that is so old hat and traditional...too boring for my tastes.

my favorite...

Thanks for reminding

Hi, I'm the one who started the Preteen Sex thread over at Searchenginewatch, and I'm pretty happy you're talking a bit more about it over here, so even more people who missed that thread til now, can have a better insight on the way Google's acting.

I don't understand why Google would be so casual

I don't understand why Google would be so casual about flipping off legitimate business people (like webmasters). Here the guy clearly knows how to communicate, and was willing to comply despite the gray area and the censorship thing, and still the bird flies.

Google ads are served by javascript, right? So fragile a would think the Big G would be smarter.

AdSense is arbitrary

I've proven this before, that they'll sell just about anything.

The trick is to fly under the radar and hope some other AdSense publisher doesn't rat you out.

Can't someone just help get

Can't someone just help get him into YPN? That might actually get someone to sit up and take notice :) The buzz for Y would be immense (hint, hint)

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