Sun Setting on McNealy


Sun was once synonymous with DOT COM and now they're synonymous with Alzheimer's as nobody remembers them, so in the news of the increasingly irrelevant, Sun's stock rallied when the CEO stepped down.

Is this the Wall Street equivalent of singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"?

After more than two decades at the helm, Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy is stepping aside and leaving the top job to the company's current No. 2.

Sun shares rallied late Monday on the news

I must admit that I'm curious about who still uses Sun gear, or who still owns Sun stock, as I've not heard of anyone buying their stuff in many years.

Looks like McNealy has been resisting slashing costs, which I translate into giving many people permanent vacations, and he should just completely let go and let someone with a vision step in and turn Sun around before it's DOT GONE.


sun is still used

I own sun stock, I think its under valued at 5. Also, I know of several companies that still use a lot of sun products. I think one of their most useful is the tape back system that auto switches tapes and has a 80 terabyte storage capacity. There webservers are great. Also, in my opinion they're servers are much better since they switched from Sparc to AMD architecture. They are now more robust and support more native applications.

I do think that they're products are probably not necessary for small businesses, but for medium-large business that have many database, web, storage, development, etc. servers they are great.

Just my 2 cents,
Brian Thibault

Its really Sad

In a previous life i used to be a solaris administrator and worked mainly with their hi-end hardware including E10k. So it really feels bad to see them dying slowly!.

I do agree that the Solaris

I do agree that the Solaris operating system could be better, but its hard to keep up when a hot new Linux distro comes out every other month.

Open Solaris

is pretty much a misnomer as a lot of things are way too technical for even savvy linux folks but this distro works real nice: OpenSolaris/Debian thingamajig:


If Sun moved more towards genuine user friendliness it could do a lot, the OS is just SOLID but you need Solaris tech support to do simple things like add drives, nics, etc., too bad all that good stuff is just out of reach for the masses.

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