Pending DMCA Expansion?


A pending bill titled the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006 looks to protect copyright at the expense of privacy:

A proposed copyright law seen by CNET would expand the DMCA's restrictions on software that can bypass copy protections and grant federal police more wiretapping and enforcement powers.

No doubt the need for the agressive expansion of copyright protection at the price of individual liberty stems from terrorism, the blanket excuse for everything wrong in the world:

During a speech in November, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales endorsed the idea and said at the time that he would send Congress draft legislation. Such changes are necessary because new technology is "encouraging large-scale criminal enterprises to get involved in intellectual-property theft," Gonzales said, adding that proceeds from the illicit businesses are used, "quite frankly, to fund terrorism activities.

Failed attempts at copyright infringement can put you in jail:

The 24-page bill is a far-reaching medley of different proposals cobbled together. One would, for instance, create a new federal crime of just trying to commit copyright infringement. Such willful attempts at piracy, even if they fail, could be punished by up to 10 years in prison.

Even thinking about piracy will become illegal. Merely talking about potential piracy techniques may constitute an offense.

Stifle free speech, software security and innovation for what gain?


Going to Washington

There's a presentation on copyright and the DMCA at the CATO Institute in Washington, DC, on Wednesday morning that I will be attending:

Declan McCullagh was originally scheduled to be a participant in the last session on the DMCA, but his name is no longer listed. Lamar Smith is one of two people giving opening statements. Sad that Declan dropped out for whatever reason.

Glad I live in Europe

Glad I live in Europe

I found it amusing that Bush

I found it amusing that George Bush said The Beatles were on his iPod... when the Beatles havent licensed their music to any music download services... according to the RIAA ripping your own CDS is illegal so therefor Bush's music on his iPod is illegal.


DC is only a couple hours drive, might have to go Wednesday myself.

Enough With The Terrorism

I'm really tired of seeing that tossed out every time some politician wants to pass a bill. The dumb PSA in which some kid buys a bag of dope and the money goes to fund terrorists is absurd.

>>adding that proceeds from the illicit businesses are used, "quite frankly, to fund terrorism activities

Well if they can follow the money trail, they can find those terrorists eh? All the more reason to keep that avenue open. ;)

They Wiretap Anyways

The current administration have already proven that they don't need to pass a bill in order to wiretap anyone, not even a court approval, just a suspicion and you're in...

George Bush said The

George Bush said The Beatles were on his iPod

I would love nothing more than to see him go to jail for a decade per song.

Enough With The Terrorism

Exactly. And you think they would realize how valuable that card is and use it with a bit of moderation.

Their use of that excuse seems wreckless at best.


Don't have to license their music for digital download if you own the CD yourself you're just listening to what you've already paid for, unless he got it from the original Napster or Kazaa, then it's a problem ;)

Still Illegal

even if he owned the CD
according to the fucked laws they want to make stronger.

I hope Bush realizes he supported terrorism when he copied that CD onto his iPod.

Emmanuel Goldstein

Just remember folks, every time you download that .mp3 you are supporting Terrorism.

Notice the capital 'T', who needs Emmanuel Goldstein?

I think our only saving grace is that the Bush administrations forgot that 50% of the US population has an IQ above 100.


I think our only saving grace is that the Bush administrations forgot that 50% of the US population has an IQ above 100.

Huh? Since when did that matter?

>Since when did that matter?

Maybe I am too hopeful, but I think the Market Capitalization for God folks have pushed too hard and they're grip will slip. Enough of the 50% with the processing power to make rational decisions have started to pay attention.

Its easy to forget today, but many movements in America have started from the bottom up:
women's suffrage
civil rights
anti war movements
workers rights

It's the apathy and cynicism John that is the killer. It is counted on as much as the mythology of control. The recipe goes like this, some will buy into it, and some will cynically accept others buying in.


I don't know if you noticed, but registration is required to attend. It's not too late to register, and they have a form you can use, fax number, and telephone number. Registration cuts off at noon, tomorrow (Tuesday).

If you do register and go, let me know. We'll be leaving pretty early on Wednesday morning, to beat the rush hour traffic around Baltimore.

that's what i said

Littleman, that's what I said.

I think our only saving grace is that the Bush administrations forgot that 50% of the US population has an IQ above 100.

That they might have forgotten about that 50% is irrelevant... it was a risk and they managed it by skipping it, because they knew all those things that you talk about mitigate the risk of that 50% making a difference.

50% think, so 50% will actually read the FUD and ponder the spin and counterspin and expend energy to counter the extremists that were launched to corral the faithful and feed the emotions on both sides... energy that would have gone into taking a position. With 50% following without thinking, you only need to siderack 0.01% to win. I exaggerate... you need 0.5%

We are sayng the same thing... perhaps I am just too cynical to bother explaining myself.

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