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Many well known names in the blog arena like to help define what a spam blog is. Largely in part because they don't want their sites included in the definition.

We mentioned Weblogs Inc. as big spammers before, and Jason said they were going to clean the ads up, but having a look today the ads were at best laughable.

Whoever bought those casino ads surely could not have been thinking it was an under radar buy. Maybe they were hoping dumb bloggers would link.

With Weblogs Inc having around 100 channels, paying at McDonalds rates, automating content, linking to scraper spam, and pushing off topic casino ads it seems like the business model must just be shit...or is there something I am missing?

Calacanis wants to be the ad and content police on one front, but doesn't give a shit when the money is rolling into his own pocket. How can AOL be THIS DUMB about branding?

With Google being a minority owner in AOL and AOL buying the splog network you would think Google would be concerned with cleaning up their own network before telling other webmasters how to link.


Why bring Google into it?

Those ads and the whole network are obviously shit, but trying to tie it in with Google just because they have some unrelated deal with AOL is a bit of a reach, don't you think?

photoshop built slot machines

"check out these photoshop built slot machines. Play for fun or cash - 100's of slot machines, brilliant imaging"

I'll assume the link goes to great photoshopping of slot machines then and not a casino? :)

Online Casinos & RSS

"Sure, there’s no apparent connection between online casinos & RSS, but making money sure beats reading the news!"

how often do ads actually admit that they are irrelevant? hehehe

The weblogs machine

The weblogs machine just keeps rolling. I really do not think Calcanis has much concern for Google TOS in reguards to AdSense. At SES San Jose I recall him giving out figures and inside information sitting next to top people from Google. Also he has been quoted in the past as saying that Google Search will never penalize his serps because he makes them so much money from AdSense.

Now that Aol owns the network you would think that they might have more concern but I guess honestly why fix something that is not broke. Its obviously making them TONS of money. I think its just another case of premium adsense publishers doing whatever they want.

I feel refreshed and re-invigorated

I feel all re-charged for gaming Google. I mean, if they allow "No Need for RFID - your online casino is easy to locate" and "Joy Therapy - while not exactly medical - online casinos are alot of fun" they they are sending a message right? Kinda like those "how to optimize for AdSense" seminars a little while ago... before we knew that MFA was encouraged.

Well, I got the message! Awesome.

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