Unseen parts of Google


So you want to test-drive your website to see how it's gonna look on searches done in mobile phones ?

Or maybe you still don't know that Google engineers are having WAY to much time on their hands: 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

Maybe you would like to help Google (trough a completly automated interface) to translate their services in languages that are not available so far.

You can (a) remove yourself from Google's Phonebook, (b) change the default URL "not-found" redirect, of IE, to a Google search instead of MSN's (hack "kindly" provided by Google), (c) use Google's Adsense technology to power you domain parking company ads, (d) get the Blogger Web Comments for Firefox Firefox extension, and see what bloggers have to say about the page you are visiting at that moment, (e) post to your Blogger blog, trough Microsoft Word as well as (f) report any unauthorised use of your trademark in any Google Adwords or Adsense, advertisers or publisher ads.

God knows what this and this are.

Are you in India and want to get into their secret lab (2006)? Or maybe a loving guy ?

Lastly, go and see a description of each and single Google program out there.

Research done by the one and only, me.



What about this one?

great thread

keep it up

Yeah, baby. My mom is on

Yeah, baby. My mom is on that page. And hacker speak is totally leet!


Hey, i wanted to comment on that page too, but i wasn't sure if the pictures were real or not(they even had names like 23.jpg or such, so i couldn't find any info at all).

Maybe some names would've been nice, above each picture.

I'm sure you Google dudes, want to keep your moms only for yourselves but ... The world has the right to know :D

Tobysodor, there's more anyhow and who knows how much else (not for < 18 years) ? :)

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