Current AdSense Publisher Cut from Google Figures


Without commenting on the overall Google 1st quarter figures announced overnight, I highlight the AdSense figures. As we all know the percentage of revenue shared with publishers varies between the premium publishers like AOL, and the common peasants like me, so with that in mind, FWIW the average publisher payout has declined fractionally from 78.7% in last quarter to 77.9% this quarter.

Google Network Revenues - Google's partner sites generated revenues, through AdSense programs, of $928 million, or 41% of total revenues. This is a 59% increase over network revenues of $584 million generated in the first quarter of 2005 and a 16% increase over fourth quarter 2005 revenues of $799 million.
TAC - Traffic Acquisition Costs, the portion of revenues shared with Google's partners, increased to $723 million in the first quarter. This compares to TAC of $629 million in the fourth quarter.