Google Fires Up the Stock Valuation Spanking Machine

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The pulse of of Silcon Valley today was light and irregular, ladies and gentlemen. Very scary.

It was earnings day.

Everybody's favorite underdog, Google, Inc., just baaaaarely squeaked out some profits this PM, $2.29 per share vs $1.54 year-over-year.

The report is "proof Google continues to gain market share on Yahoo on paid search

So - Big G beats The Street with a 79% jump in revenue....

So - What's next?

Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony Noto said in a preliminary note to clients that Google's results imply his forecast for 53 percent 2006 revenue growth "may be too conservative." Analysts, on average, predict 56 percent growth in 2006.

via Reauters


I still say they're overrated

- of course if they surprise the market positively the stock should rise, that's the way the market works. But they're far too high in the first place. It's an ad agency for chrissakes... they still haven't found the cure for the common cold.

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