Google Offends Artist's Family, Removes Logo


Earlier today you may've seen Google's logo celebrating French artist, Joan Miro, but the artist's family was upset at not being asked permission to do this, so the logo has now been removed.


"French artist, Joan Miro"

Never let it be said that we do not educate you at TW. If Google too thought he was French, it would be no wonder that the family would be offended.

Spanish Surrealist Painter and Sculptor, 1893-1983. Fine museum dedicated to his work in Barcelona.

Joan Miro


But if I wanted to "extend" the attention, I too would wait until the day was almost over and then complain about the alleged copyright infringement (which is of course bollox). Controversy, fake battles and link bait: gotta love 'em............

Google Logo

I think I'll honor Google by advertising my logo with theirs.

Google has never gotten in

Google has never gotten in trouble for violating copyrights before with google cache, I'm sure they never gave it a second thought. I'm glad they got in trouble for this.

you're right

Ha! You're right, of course! He was a Spanish artist.

Silver, never admit you were

Silver, never admit you were wrong. I know you meant that Miro was a French painter as in he painted in the french surrealist style :P

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