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shoemoney reports

At the Lunch sponsored by Google today Matt Cutts confirmed the recent rumors about media bot results getting into Big Daddy. Matt said it is a bandwidth saving feature to have GoogleBot and MediaBot both contributing to big daddy. Matt also stated that you will gain zero advantage in search listings however if you are serving different content to MediaBot then to Googlebot then you could be in trouble.

Greg Boser I think was the first to See it , Nice fing greg !!


This could be a new url submission method

I think this could mean that adding AdSense ads onto your pages might result in getting them spidered and added into the SERPs quicker than they might be absorbed through other means.

Also, unless I'm missing my guess, this means that pages which would not normally be exposed to the spiders could start showing up in the SERPs as well.

For instance, if all the content on your site was accessed through a submission form only (such as a site search form or menus), none of the internal pages would be indexed. Now, those pages could be indexed by the Mediabot, and they might begin appearing in the results.


Reminds me of the Yahoo backdoor

If you want in Yahoo's index ASAP just submit and RSS feed and >BLAMMO!< you're indexed.

But seriously folks, any Google crawler updating the cache makes sense.

FWIW, your Google index will be more fresh if you add AdSense to your site.

A selling point ;)

What's ironic is that since

What's ironic is that since they added this feature, I've lost a lot of new forum content (with AdSense on) from Google search. I guess it's a case of aiting for the new BigDaddy results to propagate again.

Matt tries to explain it.

Take a little peek at his blog as being a crawl caching proxy common to all Google services.

Smells somewhat like the much maligned Google Web Accelerator to me.

Already have a thread on this...

There's already a long thread on this. You just may not recognize it due to Aaron's weird headline: Google Paid Inclusion (Beta)


headline was spot on ;)

off to close the other thread real quick.

policies updated

thanks to ******* for noticing that one of our online answers had stale info. The support team has updated that answer.

The community keeping Google on it's toes? Sure, why not.

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