Congrats to Danny, Who is Older Than Dirt, In a Good Way :)


Danny just turned a decade in search years. Here is a recap of the last decade of his writings.

Congrats Danny. I wish the next decade shines just as bright for you.


Know your history

That's a pretty amazing set of work. Should be required reading for anyone in the space.

Enjoyed reading Danny's post

All his posts are as thorough as that.

Perhaps it's not surprising that his family don't see too much of him :-)

One word


Happy anniversary Danny

Happy anniversary Danny

One other word ICON

One other word


Congrats Danny...

Thanks for your great contributions during a decade!

God bless...

And he can sing too...

Congrats Danny, for 10 years of outstanding SE reporting.

a damn fine decade, danny

and here's to many more. congratulations.

Quite the accomplishment

Congrats, Danny! :)

Awesome feat Danny, well

Awesome feat Danny, well done! Here's to the next 10!

WOW. Doesn't time fly when

WOW. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun.

Congratulations Danny, what would we have ever done without you ?

OMG - Seems like yesterday

...that I read "A Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines" and discovered a passion for what was to become SEO. Was that really 1996? It was the same year I met my husband so I guess it must be. Congratulations Danny and thanks for the last 10 years watching the search engines grow up. It sure has been an exciting ride eh?

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