Matt Cutts Breaks Into The Top 100


I see a new face on the top 100 most popular blogs on Technorati and its Matt Cutts! Congrats Matt! (99)



Congrats with #92 BTW :-)

Link power rulez.


That's cool. Congratz Matt. You deserve a pat (on the back).

Wit - will Google make him hand over the blog when he leaves them? Worries me.. :D

Well Well

Never mind congrat's Matt
What about the guy 7 places above him?

Well played, Sir !


Look at all the cool kids in the class, congrats guys.

< rant>On the off chance that someone from technorati reads this, hey guys I still can't claim my blog it's been like 3 months. You told me it was a problem with Bad-Behavior, I spoke with the developer and he says that was fixed months ago. Your tech support had a wait and see attitude. At this rate I may turn 100 before I get a shot to be in the top 100< /rant >

Congrats Inigo :-)

Honestly, Matt's blog deserves to be among Top 50.

Where else can you read on the same blog about both Kentuckian Gadgets and Heavy Duty Spam :-)

Sweeeet! I didn't know.

Sweeeet! I didn't know. Looks like I'm #100 now, so I'm hanging on by my teeth. Shoemoney, have you been playing around with some push-button marketing? You joined the top 100 pretty fast. :)


He's just a SHOE-in... ;)

Congrats Matt!

Quick Reseller

It's Matt - tell Harith ;)

the top 100 list is a roller

the top 100 list is a roller coaster for the 80-100 spots. Any links you have that are over 180 days are nuked so its up and down. For instance I used to be in 80something for some posts I did that got a lot of exposure and dugg a bit back last fall.. I recently fell off a lot from technorati.

Graywolf - check your email ;)


Matt, how come you have more links from the Co-op, than Shoe has ? :)

TOP100 fresh entry ? heeheheh.

LOL @ Expertu...

...ahem. Um, right.

...will Google make him hand over the blog when he leaves...

Hehe seojunkie, I know that happens to the best of us (!)
But I think the story of him leaving Google for Yahoo was an April Fools joke*. That said, one never knows. Sometimes, people jokingly say things that are in fact true, if only to divert attention....

* Yeah, I know you knew that.


My best guess, is that Matt can never have enough fame or glory :)


I can't see it anymore.

Matt, how come you have more links from the Co-op, than Shoe has ? :)

Hehe. Shoe has enough to Google Bowl any fragile site ...

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