Google Granted Voice Search Patent


Although it was filed in February 2001, Google's voice search patent was finally approved and published on Tuesday.

According to the patent abstract, Google's system would use voice recognition technology to build keywords that are entered into the search engine. "The system then provides the weighted boolean query to a search system and provides the results of the search system to a user," the filing states.

According to the story on BetaNews the demo of "Google Voice Search" that was available at Google Labs had been removed as of Thursday.


Surely that can't be patentable.

Given that there are loads of blind people already doing it.

In fact they are not only using voice recognition to enter their search terms into the search engine, but also receiving the results as spoken words.

The theory behind this

The theory behind this sounds familiar to what has been taking place in AI for years now. The technology behind chat bots like A.L.I.C.E. ( ) and others are already Open Source.

Google is smelling more and more like MS.

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