Think Partnership Buys Ice Rocket


It seems like once a month Think Partnership acquires another company. This time they bought the blog search engine IceRocket.

They so remind me of CMGI. I can't see how they will pull it all together, but if they can kudos to them.


Nice try Cuban, LOL.

Nice try Cuban, LOL.

Woah, CMGI

Maybe buying for its Blog Trends analysis more that its search engine features?

Private labelled buzz and competitive trends could be resellable to their PR & SEO companies & clients.

How much?

Anyone know the sale price & any other financial details?...In the past Think Partnership acquired only internet business with a healthy cash flow but in Ice Rocket's case i believe it would be based more on future potential than its current cashflow.

For a box of cigars and some season tickets..

Think usually seems to pay for acquistions with stock. Which we know isn't worth a whole lot. I hope Mark was smart enough to accept cash for this deal. I hope they don't take IceRocket down with the sinking ship. However I think its not a bad acquistion considering they are sticking only to search and affiliate stuff. They sold all the dating sites.

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