How Automated Can You Make Content Before it Gets Called Out?


Elliott Back recently posted about being a bit on the spamish side:

I have to credit him with one thing, Chris really knows his search terms. Check out the list of “popular queries” he sticks at the bottom of the page to attract search engines on high-paying keywords

How much can you automate content without being called out on it? And just as importantly, when called out do you have enough rep that it doesn't matter?


I thought that was the footer

the top half is the adult stuff, and the bottom was the rest. That's what I thought.


...I always thought:

As long as it's pretty, and kinda useful: at least 110% :-)

google's content is all

google's content is all automated, and while their rep is controversial in some crowds, i think by and large it's pretty good with the public. i think we're closing in on seeing a certain kind of fundamental information being automated; the value-added comes in giving this information a context -- a meaning, so to speak.

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