Forbes Ditch IntelliTXT Ads after Editors Complain

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Forbes Ditches Embedded Text Ads After Complaints From Editors
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Forbes have dropped the embedded text ads from vibrant media - The IntelliTXT ads work much the same as adsense but instead of clearly marked ads the contextual ad links appear in the body of a web pages main content.

This will be an enormous blow to Vibrant, Forbes were their largest and highest profile client.

Apparently the Forbes editorial staff have been complaining about the practice of mixing ads in editorial, cant say i blame them..

details via jensense


I've looked at a few sites ru

I've looked at a few sites running intelliTXT and it definitely is of prime interest to my black side ...which means, of course, that the editors of Forbes were right to voice concerns about disclosure.

poop :)

not only are the ads in the context of the article but often they are SUPER IRRELEVANT...targeted on single words.

I don't much like them either


.. they convert damn well on the "SEM stereotypically perfect" marketplace!

vibrantmedia never return the calls

We have tried several times to get someone to contact us from vm, with no avail. Maybe now with the Forbes deal collapsed they maybe interested in us minnows.


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