Bob's Back! (Well, TBPR anyway...)


Not finding much time to post these days, but this just popped up. Bob Massa - of this parish - has PR7 at SearchKing. Via SEW Blog.

To quote Marcia:

It seems kind of silly that the penalty would stick forever, when so many have been doing so much of the same thing (and more) for so long. This seems like the right thing to do; good for Google.

So far PR is only showing on the main page, but it must feel plenty good for Bob to see that after all this time!

Life suddenly seems worth living again?


As fast as BMW

Almost as fast as BMW's hidden text penalty was lifted! :)

Bob, are congrats in order? Or not?

Welcome back Bob. Wanna sell

Welcome back Bob. Wanna sell me a link? ;P

>Life suddenly seems worth

>Life suddenly seems worth living again?<

Life was always worth living! I know it may be difficult for some to understand but it is possible to survive without a Google PR. A PR 7 is probably what it should be with as many backlinks as SK has had since 1998 but I don't get too excited over this because it is up to Google who gets what PR and when. Contrary to popular belief, no one can manipulate, control or alter TBPR other than Google. So, just as quickly as it comes, it could go away and I know that better than most.

With SearchKing just about ready to re-launch, it doesn't hurt and I hope that the 7 comes from everyone just getting on with business and but if it doesn't stay there, I will stick to the plan and start offering community building tools with topic specific directory software as the backbone very soon.

oh darn

Now Bob has to commit on an approach to preserving PR as he migrates to his new site!

I never noticed that he'd been away.

- cool comment Jason :)

Bob who?

He was gone?

Yes, there is life without Google, that much Bob and I agree on!

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