MSN Search is dead


What has happened to It looks dead to me!

When will it be back and what is causing such an important site to be down ?

Screen Grab here


They can't figure out how to

They can't figure out how to restart IIS correctly :)

I honestly didn't think my

I honestly didn't think my spam sites would ever bring MSN down :P

Over an hour now...

I'm seeing a decrease in traffic from them sharply at about 11:45AM eastern... looks like they've been down for about an hour now. Not cool!

Has anyone called Bill yet to give him a heads up? ;)

Live is working

Maybe they want us all to go over there. It's apparently the same results, but with that shiny Web 2.0 gui.

I would never have known

I have amazing serps on MSN for all my sites but get more traffic from wikipedia!

People mention easy to spam. I just put a blog post for a hotel at number 1 for the hotel's name. It was a suck post as well, due to a crappy meal we had there.
That is from a 3 week old site and domain.
Ridiculous, especially in that sector

shouldn't that screen be

shouldn't that screen be blue?

blue screen, lol

blue screen, lol
Blue screen + white text is so 1999, web2.0 has to be white screen(text if you’re lucky)

still getting..

This service is currently unavailable

Our team is working to restore service as quickly as possible.
Please try your request again later.

so then white screen with

so then white screen with blue text is the web 2.0 version? sooo original, lol

Earlier on today

The results screen was all screwed, was just showing 10-15 short links at the top, then just a load of outputted text, not raw HTML, but like raw HTML without the HTML.. if you get my drift

Would hate to be a sys admin over there right now

I'd be suffering from heart failure.

Seriously though, type of thing is quite disastrous for search engines. Any loyal searcher attempting to use a SE whilst it's down is potentially a lost client forever.

This would have cost GGL millions had it happen to them.

Seems to be back

..after "only" 4 hours off

OK it's back up. Good on the

OK it's back up. Good on the team at MS to bring it back.

I'd like to know though what caused it and why did it take so long to bring it back?

My gut feeling is there was a huge update taking place, that wasn't jst algorithmic but also infrastructural and it went bad, leading to a roll back of hard and software.

Does anyone from Microsoft want to comment?

That is a thread killing

That is a thread killing comment.....
Does anyone from Microsoft want to comment?

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