Matt Cutts is an SEO Porn Guru


Thanks to Gurtie & the GHN team we now know that Matt Cutts is a natural porn seo and he is soo good he not only has the #1 but is indented #2 as well.

I asked if Google's April fool's day joke could be true?
It turns out it is.

Now I reckon that Matt is simply preparing for some secret monetisation plan from the cashout of his $400+ shares and going to add extra spice to Google Dating.

SEO Porn, where Matt partners with Jeremy (and I don't mean Mr Z) some large busted laideeeeees and the occasional spammer in a video homage that will be hosted on G Video.

I can't wait :D


No Hand Jobs

I wish Matt well in the porn/sex industry. I just hope I do not get a hand-job from him!

I just hope I do not get a

I just hope I do not get a hand-job from him

Ooooooo LOL

kentuckian seo pirate :-)

As many of you already know, Matt grew up in Eastern Kentucky. At a very young age, Matt was facinated of Blackhat SEO. In fact he had a very cute nickname at that time:

kentuckian seo pirate

Sorry, Matt :-)

They are all at it

Skip the "natural" and just look up "seo porn"

And what do you find

#2 Graywolf
#4 Mr Cutts
#6 Seobook

I propose a new TLD with a

I propose a new TLD with a reserved second level XXX.seo

Matt's Tough

I have the #1 slot for Lesbian Porn Scraper but Matt's close behind me ...

Tim Mayer's porn gadgets

In the market for Tim Mayer's porn gadgets?

And the winner is.. Mr. Bacon Polenta :-)


I see you have forgotten the most important "gadget"

Mr. Bacon Polenta

I like this thread, btw :-)

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