BBC Hawking Wares Via Affiliate Links


I'm not sure how to get an affiliate program approved by and published on BBC, but apparently someone is. Check out the related links section here.

Official business partnership? Journalist cashing in? How long until this is a common practice across all mainstream media sites?


The geotargeting... absolutely top notch. Not only is one of those affiliate programs only for US traffic (perfect for BBC!) it falsely identifies me as not in the US.

pre-cursor to

A proposed BBC website for users outside the UK is likely to have adverts, according to the corporation's commercial arm BBC Worldwide.

Hey .. I get them

And I'm in the UK


Bad News...

The BBC has authority because until now it has been independent (relativly speaking). Is that article now a sign of things to come? Loads of bullshit "articles" just plugging a few merchants (and not necessarily the best ones) for some affiliate comission? That makes the BBC no better than anyone else on the Internet.

And they shouldn't be labeled "related links", they are in fact, advertisements. It would be good if the BBC had the balls to call an apple an apple and put "[advert]" or something in the "article" title like threadwatch used to do.

especially since

when there was a BBC article about a protest which was in the news the official protest site, no rude words, nothing unsavoury, wasn't linked to although they mentioned the march, petition (hosted on the site) etc and they ignored my e-mail auggesting that the site might be considered relevant.

Maybe they should have offered a PPC? :)

>offered a PPC It is the

>offered a PPC

It is the standard of relevancy these days.


looks like those resource links are now direct links

Somebody got their

Wrists slapped. Wonder if they have stopped doing it or come to some arrangement using the referrer string to track 'commission'?

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