Somebody's slowing down the web, and I blame incrediBill

That's it. I'm pissed again. Last night t-mobile shut me down just after I started a large..."activity", and locked me out. The normal logoff/on didn't work, so it was something internal. They fixed it today, but also just about agreed that some type of anti-evil activity detector was probably responsible.

Today my bank shut me down. Being a *slightly* advanced web user, I navigate my bank statement and the "view processed checks by right-clicking and opening in a new tab" method. Since the losers at "the bank" only show the check # and amount on the statement, that's the most efficient way to review the activity. Now, they also have put a bot detector in place so as soon as I right-click/open-in-new-tab three times, my session is killed.

This is moronic. It's an SSL session. What's the threat?? This is slowing down the web, and slowing down productivity. I blame incrediBill.

Just as M$ slowed down productivity by forcing every action to be a series of mouse clicks... even if it has to be done 3 dozen times in a row, incrediBill and his anti-crawl detectors are getting in my way. Maybe not him personally, but certainly his cult followers.

Sure, I know, over time it will improve as the crawl-detector shut-down systems get tuned, but will they really get tuned? If I really am one of 2 bank customers "advanced" enough to use tabs (OMFG! A FF user!) what incentive will the bank have to accommodate me? Really... a message to customer service suggesting that the anti-crawl system is causing them to lose *a* customer... that'll fly.

C'mon Bill... lighten up! It's not just my use of my online checking account. I need the t-mobile network for my #25383C activities. I need my scraper bots to keep the SpamSense checks coming. It seems that ever since you started your public rampage against the scrapers, at least one of my umm...err... "electronic SEO associates" is suffering productivity losses every day. And that means I have to actually WORK every day. I am not happy about that.


So, it's you Bill?

Dang I wouldn't have guessed that... But of course while you're officially whacking bots your own crawler-thingies are out there scouring the web for pr0... high quality information. Classic! Now, how can I get on your pr0.. quality information network, as I assume you must have some kind of way to donate spare bandwith for worthy causes?


No, seriously, I have observed some slowdown and fallouts lately too. Thought it was either government activity or botnets/virii/p2p. Or Goog. To paraphrase a movie title: "The good, the bad, or the ugly" - you decide who is who.

That's how my brand of tinfoil works.

Why is it every bank I use

Why is it every bank I use doesn't support available java? They all use the old microsoft version which cannot be found anywhere.


Maybe I added to the hysteria but my bot blocking is way smarter than that and gives a human a couple of chances to escape.

This is moronic. It's an SSL session. What's the threat??

Oh c'mon John, you're a smart guy, you know even the linux CURL command can download pages in SSL and a 10 line PERL script can easily traverse your entire bank account. So someone phishes your login information and they attempt to download everything in your account in SSL. You're clever enough not to get phished by grandpa may not be so clever.

BTW, nice bait while I'm on vacation

I have the same issue with

I have the same issue with Verizon. Every time I set up a VPN to work and Remote Desktop in they shut me off and juggle my ip around. Only happens when I RDP not when I have a ssh session open. Then they deny its triggered by anything and say its a normal ip swapping function.

And I have no pity for you with your bank. Mine, Bank of America, doesn't even support Firefox.

And I have no pity for you

And I have no pity for you with your bank. Mine, Bank of America, doesn't even support Firefox.

That's nothing - Royal Bank of Scotland is telling us that its online banking will only work with the Maxthon browser soon:

I spoke to Bill

His response was short. Two words to be exact.