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Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian spoke to the Royal Society of Arts in London last Thursday night on the subject "Newspapers in the age of blogs." Full audio of a very interesting presentation is available here.

Mike Butcher said:

He is trying to figure out, understandably, how his newspaper should deal with the pincer movement of the terminal decline in newspaper readership and the loss of display and classified advertising revenue - all thanks to the Internet.

Jeff Jarvis said:

Rusbridger is a rare and likely singular visionary in the newspaper industry.


I've talked about this for

I've talked about this for some time now ...

Facts: More and more time is spend by people reading blogs

Question: Do people jst read more now than before?
- I don't think so!

Question: If readers don't read more now, where are they coming from?
- I my mind there is no doubt that at least a certain percentage of "reader time" comes from traditional newspapers!

So, the big question is, what should newspapers do about it?
- in my mind, drop dead or adapt to the Internet!

To the newspapers:
- Why do you never link directly from within articles, and link to the references you quote in general?
- Why do you hide - let us comment your articles and SHOW UP for replies!
- If you don't want to engage in communication with us then fuck off - you haven't got a clue about the web anyway!

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