US Says No to ICANN And Porn


The United States has blocked a move to create a .xxx TLD that was favored and expected to be approved by ICANN, the international body assigned to manage the Internet. This is the third time the US has delayed the creation of the .xxx TLD.

Stuart Lawley, chairman of the organization that drafted the proposal for the .xxx TLD, commented on the event:

"The last-minute intervention - again - of the US department of commerce - is a worrisome trend for ICANN," he said. "I think the international community is looking to ICANN to show its independence of the US."
Lawley said that the US government tried last year to convince the rest of the world that it did not meddle with ICANN and internet policies, adding, "This kind of interference calls that into question".

via TechDirt


Good News

This is actually good news as the proposed .xxx is an eventual way for our government to censor adult material easily. There is already a bill on the table that would require adult sites to be on a .xxx domain. With this being shut down, it looks like that bill is squashed.

gov't and sex

US gov't. and sex, where have I seen that before?


There is already a bill on the table that would require adult sites to be on a .xxx domain. With this being shut down, it looks like that bill is squashed.

lol ya it does sound like an official squash.

There are so many unused layers on the internet it would probably be best to just give adult sites they're own layer/port number. Hell they could even make it port 6969 if they wanted to.

Then you can keep your domain name by making the page call through it's own port like ssl. Gives power to the user/parent to filter the port from being accessed by children or public libraries that are wide open to children's eyes.

This also gives you power to keep normal content on http and adult content on httpx on a per page basis.

If you compare the internet to desktop organization it would be like stuffing all your docs into one folder vs making a folder for each genre or topic. Since adult sites are a huge chunk of the internet let them have their own folder... lol


It would have to be voluntary though. The issue is who deems something adult content. Is Maxim adult? How about Howard Stern? It would be a logistical nightmare. Not to mention you'd have sites losing their creative abilities to fit under that adult rating. We see movies do it all the time to move down to PG-13, do we want to see websites start doing this?

The bigger issue though is the fact it would be the first real censorship of something online (outside of certain countries). Perhaps it seems minor, but it puts the foot in the door from the government to go farther. Do anti-American sites get put on its own TLD to "prevent enciting terrorism"? Or do we do the same to sites that openly discuss drug use?

I like the Internet how it is. Perhaps I don't view it the same way a parent would, but I also don't think pornography is the biggest issue concerning kids online. I see Dateline NBC every other week running a special on how they were able to get 50 old guys over to meet up with a 13 year old. I see the news running a story on how some kid was murdered after meeting someone from Myspace. I think the novel idea is to monitor kids online. Just like we'd monitor them in the backyard.

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