Is the Future of Publishing in Branded Adsense?


One of the problems with Adsense, as has been noted (here, here...plenty of places) is that it doesn't exactly inspire quality content. The result is that Adsense arguably has no branding value for the advertiser, no content value for the publisher, and no attention value for the user.

So is the answer in branded adsense? Here's the argument, from Vlad Stesin:

What we see now is two distinct universes. Short tail advertisers clinging to traditional mainstream media. Long tail advertisers are the ones that have their AdSense ads plastered across virtually all of social media. Why don't they mind questionable content? The answer is because by definiton long tail advertisers are small and that's really their only way to advertise.

The answer for the rest, and the marketing 2.0 is in branded AdSense. Let the filters brand their own ad networks that follow people around. I will pay closer attention to ads filtered by my attention arbiter. I will notice Technorati branded adsense. I will also notice and react to an AdSense provider that is local and more relevant to me. These brands can have their distinct features like click-to-call, local deals in my neighbourhood and at the BestBuy near me. Let BestBuy pay for my attention no matter where the ad appears, and let filters decide where it appears -- and thus guarantee minimum control for the advertiser.

And then some hypothetical examples:

Let everyone be an ad filter and let them sign up their friends and family for their ad network. Let Root Markets brand an AdSense network based on my attention data. Let TechCrunch and Digg build a network based on their subject matter. Amazon could do the same based on wishlists and past transaction data. There is a real benefit for my social network to be exposed to offers that are based on my recommendations -- no matter where they are on the Web.

Is something like this the answer to the Adsense problem?

via Seth Goldstein


We need AdAssassin

See my reply on the original blog. It needs to be algorithmic to work.

Stop with the 2.0's!!!....

Marketing has been around since that hide-wearing cave dweller made his fresh crisp berries look good in order to trade with the guy who had a slab of juicy woolly mammoth meat.

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