Exclusive: Weblogs Inc Caught Automating Content


Weblogsinc the links that just stink !!

Check out this litte bastard: http://playstation3.weblogsinc.com !!
The last 10 posts are just crosslinking his Network ... And Like Jason said at SES he makes Google so MUCH money !! They daren't touch him.

They are already selling spammy links too. Wonder when they will integrate the new AdSense block.

Didn't AOL buy a real steamer?




If anyone wants to create a parody site, SpamBlogsINC.com is available, heh :)

Wasn't it mentioned like

Wasn't it mentioned like last year some time? they are already known for sploglike stuff ;-)


DaveN should get a job with Google finding sh*t. They could give him his own office and a door that does not connect to the rest of the building. They would also most likely only give him internet access that was not connected to their network but, yeah, he could do a better job than Matt Cutts I bet..

You go boy! ;-o

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