Google GeoAds beta - ads on Google Maps


Google Local is expanding its Local PPC Ads. In addition to the little red ballons, icons appear, when you click on each icon, and an ad appears for with a logo, hyperlink, street location, and phone number.

You can see an example with Barnes and Noble here, type in the search box, “booksellers nyc” or read the original post here


how long till mashup ads?

When will this transfer to the API maps, if ever? I've been slightly hesitant about using mashup maps for commercial reasons - any idea if they plan to stick these in ALL maps served by them?

I doubt they would syndicate

I doubt they would syndicate out the ads in maps for at least a few years (unless you opted into publishing them). During the Seth Godin speech at Google one of the maps people complained about the lack of exposure outside of the techy they still need marketshare too badly to try to monetize the external ads at this point.

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