Andreas, of the Big an Idea Company, Clueless on SEO


Hugh recently referenced Stuntdubl's post about ad agecy SEO lies, citing that he though his post was wonderful. However an ad agency thought otherwise...

Andreas commented:

BS. That guy is a SEO consultant, most of which are purveyors of snake oil to the unwary. And that's putting it politely. Traffic comes from content, from passion and from something, anything that actually means something to people. If you haven't got something worth talking, nobody will be talking about it, SEO optimized or not.

I have respect for people who are wrong if they at least try to educate themselves, but you really don't have to read the whole comment, or look past Andreas flash intro to get the whole picture.

Andreas: big on ideas, short on knowledge. And they got a blog too!


I like Phil's comment

Fun w/ SEO firms... They email me. I do a search for "SEO" and related terms. I write back to tell them what page of Google results they end up in. Often, I'm clicking past page 20 with no luck. Posted by: Phil Gomes at March 23, 2006 01:01 AM

Classic reply. Have you been trolling on Hugh's site, Todd? Shame on you. He seems like such a nice creative!

Do you think Phil realizes that when he "wrote back" he established a business relationship and can now be spammed?

shady worthless criminals pretty much what we are beyond are own sphere I suppose. I guess you just have to live with it to an extent and find your personal gratification in client and personal success.

It is really disappointing to me when smart folks just don't get it. I'm sure both Phil, and Andreas are good at their jobs, but obviously don't know a whole lot about search marketing (perhaps they've drank the "Seth kool-aid").

The say..."all SEO's are crooks"
I say..."All ad agencies don't have a clue about search marketing"

The big difference between my broad sweeping statement and there's is that mine was done in jest as linkbait, and they really believe their statement. You'd think that reading Hugh's blog they'd be in tuned to a little humor and sarcasm.

Was I trying to attract attention and perhaps new work? yes.
Was I trying to sensationalize with a broad sweeping statement? yes.
Do I give a damn that they probably got suckered by someone claiming to do SEO that cold called them? Not really.
Do I feel like arguing with another person who still thinks meta tags matter and only want to talk and not listen? Nope.

I'm happy to listen to ad agencies/ marketing companies talk about their "traditional media" experience and learn from it...I wonder why it is that they don't extend that same hunger for knowledge rather than insisting that they already know it's all bogus.

Someone please change the title of this thread to "Big An Idea Company" (smushed it together accidently I think), so that they might start to understand a little bit the importance of rankings when you outrank them for their own name. ;)

title adjusted - gw

I wonder who rips off clients more:
1 - Phoney SEO companies cold calling from Nevada
2 - Ad agencies who claim to understand SEO
3 - Web developers who "add" SEO services

I think it would be a pretty close call. Simple fact is, SEO gets a bad name for a variety of reasons that Aaron discussed in his excellent article on the topic.

I guess we should be happy they don't understand...leaves more time for our massive landgrab into the areas of marketing/advertising pie that they've dominated for so long. Sorry guys...we're comin' for your clients whether you like it or can work with us and learn, or you can fight it, keep your flash site, and rank on page 7.

thought your article was

thought your article was great Todd...also loved the page title on the contentless and linkless homepage of the idea generating company.


their site could possibly have the worst homepage SEO EVER. Absolutely not a clue on it, let alone a fully fledged idea.

Wonder if they will ever search for biganideacompany or bigan idea company or something like that and wonder why their site does not show but this page does.

The Pits....

I worked as a (real) estate agent, qualified as a lawyer and now I'm an SEO. Can I go down any further?

cabagelooking... do you


do you steal content and create content for kids for your pharma, porn, and casino sites while selling used cars?

>> when you outrank them for

>> when you outrank them for their own name

It's happened. See it here

Hahahaha. Nice. Damn nice.

Hahahaha. Nice. Damn nice.

Ranking with Crap

Man, even my blog post linking here with no meaningful content ranks above him, that's just gotta hurt.

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