The Dirty French Give DRM a Swift Kick in the Head


France wants to put an end to DRM:

[French] MPs backed a draft law to force Apple, Sony and Microsoft to share their proprietary copy-protection systems by 296 to 193 votes.

The aim is to ensure that digital music can be played on any player, regardless of its format or source.

The bill will now go before France's upper house, the Senate, in the coming weeks for approval before becoming law.

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but I hate it, and some of the business models are based on selling content at break even or a loss to lock users into using a specific system.

TechDirt points out that this may make France a test market for Apple to see what would happen to iPod sales if the music was interoperable with other systems.


IMO ipod sales wouldnt be

IMO ipod sales wouldnt be affected very much; the ipod's value stems more from being a fashion item than from being a media device.

The iPod's value stems from

The iPod's value stems from the fact that it's incredibly easy to use and does exactly what 95% of consumers need it to, and nothing more. It'll never win a "features list" battle against other MP3 players, but the extra features that other players have are not things the common user (AKA - my wife, my son, my neighbor, etc.) wants or cares about.

I wouldn't

I wouldn't say their value is just from being trendy. They have the easiest interface out of all the MP3 players on the market. Like iTunes or not, anyone can use it.

DRMs, copyright & patents

The pendulum has swung too hard in the way of the title holders when it comes to intellectual property. DRMs just suck, the length of copyright enforceability is extreme, and software patents are slowing down innovation.

China is scrapping the DVD format because the technology rights cost more in production than the manufacturing process.

C'est La Vie

Viva la resistance!


there are actually VC funds that exclusively invest in sleazy patent licensing and enforcement companies...PLEC aka patent trolls

They have the easiest

They have the easiest interface out of all the MP3 players on the market. Like iTunes or not, anyone can use it.

personally i disagree, i found the ipod to be not as intuitive as it is glorified for being. as for itunes...that thing is awful. i'll take creative zen and yahoo music/rhapsody/napster any day over itunes and ipod, and i bet if those products had the kind of marketing that apple does, many people would feel the same way.

The ipod is king because

The ipod is king because only those of us who understand the technology have the guts to subvert from the norm. Why would someone go into a shop and pickup a player they have little knowledge of, from a manufacturer they have never heard of, when they can pick up an ipod that they know works because all there friends have one?

iriver/napster is my choice. I'm quite happy to pay £120 / year for all my music. It beats 99p a song or whatever itunes charges.

dirty thiefs....say Apple


"The French implementation of the EU Copyright Directive will result in state-sponsored piracy," said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris. "If this happens, legal music sales will plummet just when legitimate alternatives to piracy are winning over customers

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