Blogspot: Plop down an MSN search box. We don't mind.


Remember that story about someone getting their Blogspot account deleted for adding an MSN search box? Someone from Blogger looked into it and posted their side of the story:

3. We did not delete nor remove the blog in question from Blog*Spot.

Our content policies enable the widest range of expression possible. And we're proud that Blogger users can customize their blogs in the manner that suits them best ... even if that means using another search tool.

I'm glad Blogger followed up to reply to the reports.

P.S. I could have posting on the original thread, but instead I did my first story submission!


DaveN, JasonD and now MC

DaveN, JasonD and now MC stops by :) Guess the whines about the staleness last week have had some effect.

Did you find that guys Gmail account anywhere in the plex?

Oh nooooo!

Oh noooooo, go back Matt, please say it ain't so!!! ;-0

Well actually heck, why not, interesting indeed.

Fun Fun Fun!

nice one max

Did you find that guys Gmail account anywhere in the plex?


Hey Matt, looking at that blogger post I see a conspicuous absence of something:

Last Friday, Inside Google posted about a Blog*Spot user who had allegedly received an email from Blogger that stated the MSN Search box on his blog constituted a violation of Blogger's Terms of Service...
..You have always been able to run non-Google services on your blog...We consider it a violation of the terms to modify the Blogger navbar, but that's not what was reported to have happened here.


We did not send a request to have the MSN Search box removed. We reviewed the information that's been made available, and we found no such request from our support teams.


Blogger calls the report that they sent an email about the MSN search box "alleged", but doesn't deny there was an email about violating the terms of service.

Blogger then states you can run MSN search, and repeats that they did not send a request specifically asking that MSN search be removed. Well? Then what was the violation of the Terms of Service that (allegedly) resulted in the email being sent?

It's nice of Google to post to come clean and kill the rumors, but sans the details it's just a PR stunt, no?

Thanks Matt, I'll update my

Thanks Matt, I'll update my coverage of this too.

PR Stunt

Was the link bait you all fell for in the first place about Google whacking the blogger.

Love the fact checking, WTG guys.

What about me

Matt you guys dropped Smart-Keywords blog from the SERPs after I dropped my AdSense account.... or was it because I had too many links to SEOBook?

Surely it could not have been because I was being occassionally critical of Google and praising Yahoo and MSN when they have done some good things?????

So many sites had a kicking

So many sites had a kicking through probable technical glitches that it's pretty impossible to get paranoid about such issues, AW.

Then again, maybe Google decided to devalue anything on blogspot. :)

Also - noticed a "flag this" link on blogspot navs - but noticed some of the referrer spammers have apparently removed the nav from their template regardless.

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