Want to Put MSN Search on Blogger? You Can't.


From the company that embraces censorship comes....more censorship. Google apparently has told a blogger that he must remove an MSN search box from his blog on blogspot.com.

I just checked my e-mail and I got a mail from Google this afternoon. Seems they are kinda ticked that I have an MSN Search box on my blogspot page and they are asking that I remove it. They say its a violation of their Terms of Service yet nowhere in their terms of service does it say its not permitted for me to do such. Looks like another thing to handle in the morning.

Here's the Blogger terms of service.

Still seems like it could be a hoax, but it is getting a good amount of attention (Steve Rubel, InsideGoogle, Digg, among others).


Account Deleted

That account has been deleted. I've seen this two times recently with regard to two accounts of censorship by Google. Could some one *please* tell me how easy/hard it is to immediately cause one's free blog to simply cease to exist?


Apparently the site was terminated by Google on the spot for an unspecified reason and the guy moved to WordPress. http://rjdohnert.wordpress.com/

Do No Evil My Ass

I better move my blog ASAP as I'm probably a sitting duck with a bullseye painted on my back and IncrediBILL.net is just collecting dust anyway.


is known to delete blogs for a variety of reasons:

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