Alexa (claim to) know your networks.


A post that seems to have gone unnoticed just came back to life at WMW - Alexa: Now showing other sites owned.

Under a heading of 'See other sites owned' in the left hand column are all sorts of sites - linked - that Alexa associates with the owner of the site being looked at. Or not. Or yes, but shouldn't be public knowledge:

Alexa is now displaying other sites owned by the same person/company in the left column.

While this is a nice feature for examing the competition, I'm not particularly happy about the competition learning my network of sites.

It might be nice if you even OWNED the sites they say you do. In a lot of cases, I'm seeing them listing sites not owned by the person who owns the domain you're viewing. I smell a lawsuit brewing.

Apparently, and irritatingly, Private Registration via Network Soutions isn't enough to dissuade from publishing whatever info wants to, even when the info has been out of WHOIS for a year-plus.

According to Alexa i own an American University.



She brought this to my attention last week. This could be a handy way of digging on someone.


brought it to my attention...but thank you, Little.

This is new?

Alexa has always shown ONE of my other sites as an "Other" site of mine for years.

Looks like they changed the wording, but they still don't know about all the others.

chinese whispers....

but I'm sure it is new Bill, or at the very least they oved it from somewhere unnoticeable to somewhere very obvious.

I know its all public data anyway but it puts names and addresses very much front and centre for the world to see :(

subject of association

If you are associated with porn (like my blog is) you should pursue the matter with your attorney, I am.

Bad sub heading

The "See other sites owned" is undescriptive, confusing and misleading. As Graywolf says, the whole "association" part sucks. I've alerted the community at Cre8asiteforums and pointed to this thread as well.

Once we were alerted over the weekend what was happening, I dangled the carrot in front of our legal eagle, Bill Slawski, too:) This is one of the reasons I protected our Whois information in the first place. (However, the place also protects porn/adult sites, which may be a problem.)

Protecting "whois" info does not help you

..quite the reverse

Graywolf is associated with those porn sites because he is "hiding behind", as they are.

as for me

It seems I'm associated with a whack of poor quality life insurance lead generation websites.

Unfortunately for me, they actually got it right ;).

I didn't know

I didn't know Matt Cutts also owned:


I hope this is removed. This is just plain dumb.

Where do you see that?

I don't see it. Where's it listed?


I'm not sure that GrayWolf's Whois is protected by Registerfy, but Cre8asiteforums' is, which is why I figured the forums were tossed into the porn heap. Michael's site is associated with the forums because of the "People who went here also went there" routine. It's a crappy deal that wanting to protect one's privacy also means being lumped in with those who choose to be anonymous for their own reasons.


yep domain is registered with registerfly and is using their protection service.


we both use protection and still got...oh, never mind. :)

Bill Slawski has contacted Alexa formally, on behalf of the forums.

Too Funny

Noticed a few people looking up my Blogger hosted blog on Alexa today in referers when they clicked thru. Really not sure what else you would expect to see I "own" associated with Blogger.

People keeping me in stitches, that's some funny stuff.


Seems to have got mine ok. Well, a few anyway... It doesn't seem like that bad an idea, but I guess it all depends which market your in. For me, it's a very handy tool to see what other artists my rivals report on.

You think they would at least

protect email addresses from spambots

Reminds me....

f you are associated with porn (like my blog is)

Reminds me of another thread here a while ago where people said they (or others) were ranking for a bunch of funny queries.... plus all the recent posts on co-citation.... do you see the big picture?

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