Google grants Amnesty for Spammers to Help Fix Glitch

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Let's Test Hijacking A Google Listing
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In a surprise move on the SEW forums Googles unofficial representative and Threadwatch member GoogleGuy, a well known figure on some of the bigger search marketing forums has granted Amnesty to Spammers in order to get help.

Google have called for examples of the now infamous Google Results Hijacking scandal that has been buzzing through the Search community this week and last. In a thread where members have tried to get help with this problem the unnamed Google search engineer said:

I'll promise that no spam-related action will be taken based on the reports. If months later, the domain comes up for review for an unrelated reason, then that's a different matter, but I'll instruct whoever collects the feedback to only use it to check out how we pick canonical pages.

The reason for the amnesty is due to the fact that when GG called for examples of the hijack problem none were forthcoming - the technique is known to but a few and is being used almost exclusively in highly competitive categories such as pharma and casino. Nobody in that industry plays by googles guidelines as to do so would be a waste of time in such a cut throat environment.

The results of a page hijacking involve the victim site's position in Google being taken over by another competing site through use of 302 redirects and meta refreshes.

We will update you the story unfolds.


lol i'm sure that loads of pe

lol i'm sure that loads of people are going to offer that up... I did 18 months

I told Matt about a 302 site steal 18 months ago... it's was a directory which used 302 for link tracking...

I asked if there was a pen on the target site because it droped like crazy... answer came back NO ..

which was odd because when I typed in the domain name it returned Nothing ... hmm weird it was like the old Inktomi 302 errors, But google didn't have these problems .. OR DID THEY ????

2 hours later ... hang on this directory is using a 302 to link to my my friends site.... OMG they have the Inktomi 302 problems as well.. next time I saw Matt I give him the 2 urls's 48 hours later fixed... well that site was.. the rest is history boys and girls


Someone sent GoogleGuy exampl

Someone sent GoogleGuy examples in September (post #237) but GoogleGuy seems to think no examples are forthcoming. I think PMing one of dozens of people in the 300+ message thread linked enough would yeild enough people who have been the victims of page hijacking.

need large sample

my guess is to build a new filter they need a large sample set so not to ban the innocent..


What is the problem?

So, we know what causes the problem, and what the effects are, but what actually is the problem from Googles side?

what do you mean ?

bad press or why can't googles fix it ?

I meant..

..what's the actual tech problem at their end?

No one knows about this outside of the search community anyway, if htey were worried about bad press it would have been fixed months ago :)

Great Title!

It is still nice to see that Google "grants amnesty for spammers". Great title. :)

Hijack Quick Test

Do a search in Google for your domain then mouse over it, if the url is not yours then bingo it's hijack or an accidental 302.

If you are really worried about people hi-jacking your website then you could write a small script tha...

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