Poor Bloggers Stuck in the Intention Economy


Compensate Citizen Publishers Like People, Not Web Sites, an article about how citizen publishers are underpaid, could be true, but as advertising gets more pervasive, are you doing anything but overpaying when you buy premium placement on attention rich sites?

Most content isn't created around the intention to buy. Why should it be paid for as though it were?


i think things will change

i think things will change and profit will properly align with value in due time. i think when google base and google video go viral it will be better for publishers than contextual advertising is, simply because it will be more commerce-oriented, almost like having a store on your site. yahoo's recently announced commercial shopping APIs i think could help in this area too.

if you dont own the conversation but can write, i think opportunities in monetizing distributed media will become more common and more prevalent (i.e. paid press releases/reviews and aff links in posts come to mind) and more accessible as well.

people will still want good content, and where there's demand, there will be incentive sure enough.

I beg to differ

People have been reviewing products for free on Amazon for years and get squat for doing it. They have zero incentive except to help each other from getting ripped off, no cash incentives required unless you assume not wasting cash on a stupid purchase incentive.

Hell, for that matter, what do people get that participate in TW for free?

I sure haven't seen my check from last month...

hey Bill haven't you heard?

Writing product reviews on Amazon in exchange for product is so 2002. Back then you could fill your garage with "free product" if you were a "super reviewer" without having to ask for it. Somehow, the same things you put into your wishlist just showed up!

Nowadays if you want to get paid for writing Amazon reviews, you need to call it "online brand management" and sell it as a service to book authors and zealots lol.

IMHO there's a big

IMHO there's a big difference between between blogging-style citizen publishing and commenting on amazon. there's also the issue of *quality* publishing; there's only demand for stuff that is of quality, and the more you want to charge or expect to earn, the higher the quality must be. IMHO the comments on amazon.com or on most sites dont meet that standard; they often arent able to stand alone, but rather need to be in the context of the online conversation to have any value.

Quality Publishing

When you find some, in print or otherwise, let me know.

I cancelled subscriptions to everything years ago just to keep my blood pressure down.

Imagine the fit I pitched when our marketing guy printed 15K data slicks without letting anyone review it with 32 pt font boldly saying "It's so easy to install, just one click and VIOLA!"

I've never been the same since.


I play the viola. If I had known I could get one just with one click I might not have bought the one I own now. ;-)

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