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Lee Gomes, a WSJ reporter recently undertook a moonlighting writing gig for peanuts, just to see how the process worked.

Topics ranged from positive comments on colloidal silver to how bird flu mutates so that it can be passed from human to human.

After turning down the first article Lee wrote the second and then was asked to write more on the same topic, but given other full articles from other sites, and asked to slightly modify and plagiarize them.

Is there a way to find reliable and honest writers? Or does the search business model preclude the financial viability of original content?

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a matter of perspective

When you copy one person it's plagiarism, when you copy more than one it's research.

It needs to be said

Aaron, nice title! :)

Lee Gnomes column is my

Lee Gnomes column is my favorite Wednesday read.

I write content every day

and I figure it costs about $300 per page to do so when I record my time. Compare that to $8 per article or even the $2 this guy accepted (50 "articles" for $100).

You get what you pay for, and the SEs link to just about anything these days.

Graywolf has it spot ono

Gomes make it sound like he never reads other writers' work before writing an article of his own. All of his stuff must be entirely unique content that has sprung from his gigantic brain, completely uninfluenced by anything others have written. What a load of bollocks.

Ah, that article is

Ah, that article is surprisingly perceptive, although I do love the comical outrage at the thought that some of the content on the Web may not be written to Pulitzer standards (gasp), or even plagarised, albeit with minor amendments.

What would Mr Gomes make of one of the many "uniquifying" services available on the Web?

one could argue

one could argue that sub-standard quality content is more likely to get clicks on strategically placed contextual advertising, than content which actually had ALL of the pertinent information.

hey graywolf

sshhhh - hehe


And people have been spending fortunes on autogenerating great quality sites for adsense:)


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