Publishers Fear Amazon


More publishers are getting the willies, this time the scare is, instead of Google.

"We all want to talk about Google, but personally I see Amazon as a bigger threat because Amazon has shown a lot of signs that they actually want to move into the publishing space," said Victoria Barnsley, [CEO of HarperCollins UK].

She cited's recruitment of senior executives from the publishing industry and its approaches to book agencies as evidence of the company's ambition.

Is Amazon's brand strong enough for them to openly shaft publishers?


Amazon's threat to

Amazon's threat to publishers - well well... what's in it? They've been offering a few pages off each book to read on their site for a good while now, what next, search inside a book, etc... Yeah worth considering for a figure of the next bad guy ;-)

Is amazon's brand strong enough?

Yes, it's strong enough. And since publishing is where the money is (it's not at the bookstore level, and certainly not the publishers) if I were a publisher I'd be very scared. If you were an author and could easily get your book into amazon directly, why wouldn't you? Then amazon will put the screws on the independents if they want to buy a book they publish (maybe even worse than the current publishers do).

Looks good on them though. The publishing business is the last bastion of old fogie stuck in the mud businesses.

Some days I miss my niche bookstore. Other days not so much :).

Amazon owns a print on

Amazon owns a print on demand publisher. They also bought which gives them their own proprietary ebook format and reading software (both DRM and un-DRM'd). eBook publishers that want DRM on their books pay up to 15% of the price in royalties for DRM encryption.

Amazon is probably the single biggest retailer of POD books (think long tail) on the planet. They are not as strong in ebooks but I suspect they are even now maneuvering to change that. Amazon is giving every indication that they will eventually get into the publishing business directly.

It's not that Amazon is

It's not that Amazon is looking to shaft publishers - it's that Amazon has completely embraced the internet as a sales medium, while many publishing houses are *still* scared of using the internet for direct sales.

I have no sympathy for the publishing houses - if they refuse to race, they fail to win. Go Amazon, and help shape publishing for the better in the 21st century.

2c. :)

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