Big Daddy knee-capping UK forums?


Peter Hale at Teneric alerted me to the fact that a number of UK business forums are getting toasted in Big Daddy results.

Site results are not simply showing a lot of content being shifted to the supplemental index, but also listed URLs that are nonsensical.

The problem shows up on 3 of the main UK business forums:

Each has applied a different mod_rewrite solution, and often Google is found trying to return nonesense URLs, for example, "/forum/?p=2174", which is not a recognised string in either vBulletin or phpbb.

I've noticed before Google trying to index SE-unfriendly forums along with session IDs, but now they seem to be stripping session ID's from the crawl:

It looks like this *may* be a process that interferes with Google's indexing, causing it to record nonsense URLs while completely missing the actual URLs.

Either way, it means that for the meantime, a number of forums set up to help others get online are having their visibility inadvertently knee-capped in Google.


WMW thread

Possibly a different issue, but the current why-oh-why G watch at WMW has a few folk commenting on enormous BD page-count drops and attendant supplementals - here

Heh, thanks Mat. Some of

Heh, thanks Mat. Some of those posts were actually mine. TBH wmw was the only forum that has picked up on this, credit due there. I been round most today looking for people in forums in a similar situation. We have had over 200k of pages disappear, serps gone down the crapper. I also noticed a few other forum owners have a similar thing. We do not have a forum but a pretty large travel site. Looks like people with big sites are being zapped.

Similar thing happened... (not British but still)

Of course people are speculating WILDLY about what caused the drop in their case LOL.

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