I Know This Is A Trite Title, But ... It's Not Just China


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Fucking unbelievable. I know that this isn't Tiananmen Square stuff, but it's pretty jaw-dropping nonetheless. I posted a while back about this - Gambling on line - Made In Italy - and it's now a reality.

Take a bow Italy. I live here. If I try to go to, say, William Hill (extremely well known UK Bookmaker), I get this:


In applicazione del decreto dell'Amministrazione autonoma dei monopoli di Stato (AAMS) del 7 febbraio 2006, con il quale è stata data attuazione all'art.1, commi da 535 a 538, della Legge 23 dicembre 2005, n°266, disciplinanti l'offerta di giochi per via telematica, il sito richiesto non è più raggiungibile poiché sprovvisto delle autorizzazioni necessarie per operare la raccolta di giochi in Italia.

L'elenco degli operatori autorizzati al gioco telematico è disponibile sul sito istituzionale www.aams.it .

The Italian State is the first western democratic government (sic) to restrict which web sites its citizens may view, unless I'm very much mistaken. Speechless.

Edited to add - sorry, a quick translation is along the lines of 'Site unreachable --- legal waffle - no longer allowed to access - list of authorised sites is available to view on the State Monopoly website'


i think censorship is

i think censorship is getting trendy...UAE and Qatar have banned boingboing.

It's not trite; it's

It's not trite; it's shocking.

William Hill

il sito richiesto non è più raggiungibile poiché sprovvisto delle autorizzazioni necessarie per operare la raccolta di giochi in Italia.

Translation > The requested site is not accessible any more because it's collection of games does not have the necessary authorization.

How do books fall into the online gaming aspect of being an authorized site lol???

I wonder who the freaking stronzo was that added that site to the list...

Separated by a linguistic ocean...

>>How do books fall into the online gaming aspect of being an authorized site lol???

A bookmaker makes book (sets odds), not books. Otherwise known as a bookie, etc. Off-course betting is legal in the UK.


at least they block the sites and allow some online gambling, all online casino style gambling is illegal in Australia, despite the fact Australian firms like Lassiters offer these services (you can't register to play at Lassisters in you're Australian!) Of course millions of australian break the law each week, and the government has even moved to try and force banks to refuse...get this, credit card transactions from online gambling sites overseas! Big brother is watching...and he doesn't like Blackjack or Poker :-)


It's an Online Sports Betting site, not a print shop.

Not really censorship...

The message in Italian says that the site in question is not reachable because it is a gambling site which has not been authorized by the Italian State Gambling authorities under a December 2005 law which took effect in February.

What we have is enforcement of a law that says that preying on those who what to give their money away (with a very slight chance of getting it and more back) is a prerogative of the State - just like the regulation of most other vices (or pleasures as the case may be), such as restrictions on the sale of alcohol in many jurisdictions. Given that the vice/pleasure in question is transacted completely on line, I imagine the Italian authorities saw site blackouts as the most effective, albeit preemptive, enforcement measure.

Censorship of sites by Italy (and other Western countries) is not new - it already happens for sites operating outside the law, such as those facilitating pedophilia.

At a minimum, I would assume that any gambling operation operating legally in the EU would be able to register to operate in Italy.

Sean Carlos

Thanks for the explanation,

Thanks for the explanation, Sean Carlos.

And you have a point about types of sites not available in one jurisdiction or another ... it's not all bad. Unfortunately, we (and I include myself in this) tend to look at such actions generically as "censorship" devoid of specifics ... and then we get excited about it.

There is another profound

There is another profound difference: Italy has an elected government. That means there are lawful and orderly ways for the public to petition their government to change laws they find objectionable. It also means they have a pacific way to change their government-of-the-day at the ballot box.

Nobody in China has those same rights.

Yes. That would be a

Yes. That would be a difference.


LOL I had that coming to me...

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