Multiple AdSense Accounts ... Show Me The Money!

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Used to be having multiple Adsense accounts was a good strategy for protecting yourself from being dropped. Since running bad quality made for AdSense websites won't get you dropped, not much to worry about in that reguard anymore. However having too many of those poor quality webstes in your account will lower your AdSense earnings. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger reports on one publishers used multiple accounts to increase his earnings

I moved all of my junk sites (what I call my high traffic but low revenue sites) to the second account and in my original account kept solely my high earning premium sites where I devote most of my time and which account for 90% of my earnings.

Anyway after nearly a full four weeks of data the revenue on my premium sites is up 15% and the revenue on my junk sites is down by only 3%. In monetary terms that means the net gain over the year at current levels will be at least $20,000 but if growth continues at the current rate it could be as high as $50,000. Took me about 30 minutes to make the move yet now it looks like I can either double my yearly motage re-payments or buy a second property with the extra funds.

So now tht the cat's out of the bag, how man people will be selling their most profitible AdSense website to newly formed companies who just hapen to have AdSense accounts?


Heh, nice move making the

Heh, nice move making the extra money. Why blow it on the property bubble :)

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