MySpace: Good for More Than Just Hanging Out


Are you using MySpace as a marketing opportunity? Martinibuster explains the advantages:

Listen ladies and gentleman, opportunity is knocking. MySpace has 2.5 times the traffic of Google. What would you do with that kind of traffic? You can quibble about how those traffic numbers were reached, but however you slice it, it's a huge honking slice of pie. Let me repeat: There is a shitload of traffic to be tapped in MySpace.

Reminds me a bit of WebGuerrilla's post on parasite SEO.


The problem I see with

The problem I see with MySpace is that it already has such a spammy feel to it... starting with the ad cluttered interface, ad interstitials, and going right up to all the bogus friend requests from porn sites and hard money lender spam messages.

If you have cool music or whatever sure it is good for marketing that...but I find all the other shit blatantly offensive.

A man has his limits :-)

Look, I've succumbed to and started trying to use that as a marketing tool, but it's another story altogether if martinibuster thinks we're supposed to dive into the MySpace pool.....


(Can I wait until tomorrow to sign-up?)


I am offended by the assumption that just because I'm not blogging about my exploits of, Martinibuster can claim I am too old to recognize the opportunity. Pheh.

I guess that's also true for my sectret tactics with ..... oh, waitasec. Almost got me. I'm not gonna reveal those either :-)

I am not so sure about those keyword tool numbers, though. Does that site: syntax produce valid site-specific query count estimates?

targeted spam

I think you need to realize the myspace crowd is probably more interested in student credit cards and xbox 360's than reverse mortgages and high end appliances.

>> spammy feel i agree

>> spammy feel

i agree about that, personally i think the thing is completely awful in so many different ways, and i think it's a fad that will pass away once the next generation of teens comes along.

but, with that said, the site gets more page views than google, and so where there are eyeballs, you can be sure there will be marketers.

I am currently on a myspace diet

While I'm no teeny bopper, I am an avid MySpace user (I found friends from college, HS, my prom date - if those girls I went to school had voted for a prom - but I digress). But I've often wondered why more marketers don't use MySpace - for too many reasons than I can explain here. But use it and then use the Bulletin feature and you'll understand what I mean. The amount of market research that you can gain from that is amazing.

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

You can think what you want

about MySpace, you can label it as you like it. The truth of the matter is, MySpace is unique and more of what people want than most services are. It's a combo of blogging, chat, free dating, you name it. I get quite a few hits from them, but other than once in a while getting a new member for Blog Party from it, haven't really cashed in on it. I do however see enormous potential for anyone advertising a site that is somewhat entertaining. Geek sites won't fly. Good joke sites, gossip stuff ... if you really want to get your site known quickly, MySpace can do it for you.

not working yet...

Well, I took the advice here and went looking on MySpace for my hottest keyword. After all the comments here, I felt surely I was missing out on the gold rush of the century! Unfortunately, lots of traffic but no conversions.

Upon closer inspection I agree joke sites will work. For my primary keyword (Viagra) I may have earned zero conversions, but I saw plenty of Viagra jokes and even a few poems with Viagra in them.

Now I'm off to test my other niche words...psoriasis, pepsis, and "irritable bowel syndrome". I still have hope, but at least it feels good to be trying something new. Thanks guys!

Geek sites won't fly I beg

Geek sites won't fly

I beg to differ ;)

gmail pages???

Do the numbers include page views of the gmail sign in page... then they would be closer

numbers could be deceiving

I think there are many people on myspace who sign up, login once to check it out, and never come back. I have a profile there that I havent checked in months, and I know I'm not alone.

Euro Teens Respond to Online Advertising

I thought this article was fitting to this post and MySpace's audience. If teens are your target market, MySpace may be just the key.

Euro Teens Respond to Online Advertising

BTW MySpace has just added text message notifications

"you can now get text message notifications for new myspace mail, friend requests, and comments on your cingular cel phone. it's like being plugged into myspace 24/7"

Hmm... Does that give anyone any ideas - lol

Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

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