Google Page Creator


Hey, a new Beta at Google Labs - Google Page Creator. You'll need to log in for a test drive.

Google Page Creator is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes.

* No technical knowledge required.
Build high-quality web pages without having to learn HTML or use complex software.

* What you see is what you'll get.
Edit your pages right in your browser, seeing exactly how your finished product will look every step along the way.

* Don't worry about hosting.
Your web pages will live on your own site at

Some screenshots at Digital Inspiration.



Nice for a free wysiwyg editor service, even works partly in Hebrew.
lacks navigation features and it seems limited to 100mb but heck - It's free so complaints should be very limited.

I guess there's some privacy issue because the pages are published while giving away the publisher's email address.


Especially for all those SMEs that Google's going after as it tries to attract new Adwords clients. Businesses without a web presence can now create landing pages and Adwords campaigns in about an hour. In theory...


Mr Cutts ....

Is commenting on his blog (sorry, his FAQ):

If you’re planning on doing a ton of pages or regularly updating content, you’d be better off with Blogger/WordPress/TypePad/etc. But if you just want to put up some relatively static pages or a small site, this could fit the bill. I like that you don’t have to fiddle around with FTP/scp to upload images or change a page.

He then goes on-message in the comments:

I promise that we’re still focusing hard-core on search quality too. We’re not going to let up on that.


Google Page Creator is having a little trouble right now.
This is not because of anything you did; it's just a little hiccup in our system that will hopefully go away soon. We apologize for the inconvenience, and recommend you try reloading this page.

Good thing its a beta project...

Hiccup starts Burping

Thank you for your interest in Google Page Creator! Google Page Creator has experienced extremely strong demand, and, as a result, we have temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity. In the meantime, please submit your email address and we will notify you as soon as we are ready to add new accounts. Thank you for your patience.

So much for my interest. It will take some time before I will be back.

Good thing its a beta

Good thing its a beta project...

everything is a beta project.

Wonder how Google will rank those static pages on their servers.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Didn't he recently say that his biggest beef with webspam right now was subdomain spam?

Blogger gave us SPlogs - Now we have Google SPAges

Ok - so who will be the first to create a tool which registers every imaginable Texas Holdem related term in gmail accounts, then create a whole network of SPAges pumped full of links?

Damn I am too slow

www. google SPAges .com is already registered... I guess for 'Googles Pages'.

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