Oilman and Threadwatch in Time Magazine


Threadwatch.org and Oilman were featured in Time Magazine's Blogwatch for the Exploiting MSN Search and Win Story. It is on page 14 of the newstand version, or you can read it online here.


Nice Coverage for TW...

and SEJ as I've been getting lots of referrals from searches like this:


no links?

Weird to read an artic... a snippet like that with no link to Oilman, no link to TW, no link to makeyougohmm, no link to msn..

Old School CMS

I thought the exact same thing but I bet they are using a CMS that is using duct tape and chewing gum to republish the stuff to the web, and in the print world you just cant link.


The print world doesn't know the value of a link, when they start to figure it out and learn how to remove the duct tape look out! ;-(


Don't tell them just yet...we need all the headstart we can get;)

Kudos to featured fellas by the way.

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