Killer Content Site for $200,000ish?


The WELL was one of the pioneers in online discussion forums. Apparently the site is up for sale with a book value of $200,000, and they haven't found a taker.

You have to imagine that a PR8 web community started in 1985 with around 180,000 pages indexed in Google would be able to make a killing if you just slapped an ad banner at the top of each page.

With all the funding of random Web crap.0 companies I am surprised that old established sites like these are going unbought.


I'd buy

- if I had the cash, that is.

how many members


don't know

don't know about members, but

Salon's current forecast of total revenue of $7.0 million for the year ending March 31, 2006 includes $4.1 million of advertising revenue, $2.1 million of Salon Premium revenue and $0.5 million attributable to The Well on-line discussion forum.

(emphasis mine) Source: Edgar online

Membership rates are $10/mo. and $15/mo.

It's a pretty strange setup, technically, apparetly even involving discussions that you can telnet (sic!) into. Pretty hard to put adsense on that, but there might be other ways...


Apparently there might be a catch:

Well executive director Gail Williams said the deal does not include Well Engaged Discussions Server, which remains a separate business owned by former Well parent Rosewood Stone Group. That proprietary software allows Picospan, the Well's underlying discussion thread software, to be viewable on the Web.

From this Wired news story about the Salon purchase of The Well in 1999.

So, there's a danger that what you're buying is an empty shell, membership-wise. But then, it's a pretty big shell in terms of pages online.


More on members:

Paid one year subscriptions were approximately 14,800 and 46,700 for the three and nine months ended December 31, 2005, respectively, compared to approximately 25,700 and 66,000 for the three and nine months ended December 31, 2004

sounds complicated

Not for us this one.



If you looking call me first ... stupid to go head to head on it :)


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