Blogger Database Screw Up....How Stable is Google?


Greg Linden recently posted about troubles with some Blogger databases. Instead of backfilling eronious databases Google wanted bloggers to cut and paste their entries back into the system:

I'm very sorry to say that, if your blog was on this database, posts and template changes made in the last 18 hours or so were not saved. They may appear on your blog now, but will disappear if you republish. If you made a post between Friday afternoon and now, we suggest that you look at your list of posts ("Posting" tab, "Edit posts" sub-tab) and compare it with what is published on your blog. If posts are missing, copy them from your blog pages before you republish.

In other unrelated news Miguel de Reina, Google Spain director, recently stopped updating his blog

"It was an experiment that lasted as long as it should" he said.