Oh, the Irony! Yahoo Employees On Usability


Yahoo employees Jeremy Zawodny and Tom Coates have recently had some interesting conversations regarding structuring data on the web (see Zawodny here, Coates here). Here's a summary of their basic principles for presenting data on the web:

  • Look to add value to the Aggregate Web of data
  • Build for normal users, developers, and machines
  • Start designing with data, not pages
  • Identify your first order objects and make them addressable
  • Use readable, reliable, and hackable URLs
  • Correlate with external identifier schemes
  • Build list views and batch manipulation interfaces
  • Create parallel data services using standards
  • Make your data as discoverable as possible

I agree with pretty much everything on the entire list, although I think it is a case of easier said than done. But what would you add to the list? Anything that you think shouldn't be on there?