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While the debate about whether bloggers are journalists or not continues, some online and offline publishers are breaking down barriers and republishing blog content in newspapers.

Pluck demo’d a new product called BlogBurst at our party last night. The service is live but Pluck has not pushed it out for publicity yet.

BlogBurst is a service that takes topical content from pre-approved blogs and provides it to publishers (online newspapers, etc.) for republication.


BlogBurst charges publishers

BlogBurst charges publishers for this service. They do not share revenue with bloggers

Setting themselves as a middleman. Hmmm...

two questions

1) Why would anyone want to give them their content so that they can sell it?
2) How do I make sure that they can't come anywhere near my content, ever?

from their site:

from their site:

Clicks on your byline drive new traffic to your blog

based on that, i think their service could be worth something, as it costs the blogger nothing and offers the potential of additional subscribers and attention/publicity. of course, i suppose it depends on how you're using your blog in the context of your business model.

sounds like topical serps

sounds like topical serps for blogs...

Technorati is doing well enough eh.

That might as well be Google

That might as well be Google saying "clicks on the snippet drive traffic to your site". We all know that's not the full truth.

I'd be afraid of dup content

I'd be afraid of dup content issues, especially with blog posts being republished on the Washington Post and San Fran Chronicle.

I like the way Gawker Media has set up their distribution deal with Yahoo News so select posts are republished, not anything Yahoo chooses.

I could imagine signing up with BlogBurst and then seeing all posts under some TechDay section of the Washington Post. Sure, the Post will use editors to select what makes the cut and what doesn't, but smaller online papers - which require their users register with them in order to read content of bloggers and sell ads on that content - is a different story.

On the otherhand, if this program was blog to print ONLY, that would be an entirely different can of beans. I'm half way interested in speaking with some print publications for syndication of posts on a weekly basis. I'd be more than happy to contribute in that respect.

sounds like giving up copyrights to a middleman for free

Sign up, and permit them to resell your copyrighted works for a profit. Not a bad business model?

Sounds like something to

Sounds like something to simply appeal to egos.

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