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I don't really think there are any surprises here, but eMarketer has released the latest statistics on the growth of the search, as well as the change in market share of G, Y, and M. The article notes that there has been a 55% increase in the total number of searches on the web, going from 3.28 billion in December 2004 to 5.07 billion in December 2005. The article also noted the changes in market share for the respective major search engines, as illustrated in the chart below.

All three search engines experienced in a growth in total number of searches; even with MSN's drop in market share, their search engine still processed 20% more queries in 2005 than in 2004.


Switching from MSN to Google

I'm surprised that almost 5% of users switched from MSN to Google.

I wouldn't count MSN out yet. One of these days they're going to somehow, someway have their search integrated completely into their OS so that every computer shipped is preset to MSN search. When that day comes it's going to take a huge bite out of both Yahoo! and Google. Wouldn't surprise me to see them in the lead at some point.

Earlier in 2005 MSN gained

Earlier in 2005 MSN gained about that amount through an extensive ad campaign. Maybe once the ads stop rolling the users went back to their toolbars.

Agree with goodroi

Agreed 100% about the ad campaign, gooroi.

Six months after the ad campaign started, I tested five sites -- our own and four of our clients. Three of the five were getting more MSN traffic at that time, but all five were in a downward slide. They never sustained any momentum, at least not on the small sampling of sites I checked. And these stats back up that claim on a larger level.

Interesting is this chart

Interesting is this chart from SEW and the press release from Nielsen with more numbers. The chart shows that a comparision of only 2 months is inaccurate ...

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