Linkology of the Bloggers


Linkology is actually just a sidebar article for an upcoming cover story (Blogs to Riches) in New York magazine, but it includes a pretty nifty graphic of linking patterns of the top 50 blogs.

From the article:

There are upwards of 27 million blogs in the world. To discover how they relate to one another, we’ve taken the most-linked-to 50 and mapped their connections. Each arrow represents a hypertext link that was made sometime in the past 90 days. Think of those links as votes in an endless global popularity poll. Many blogs vote for each other: “blogrolling.” Some top-50 sites don’t have any links from the others shown here, usually because they are big in Japan, China, or Europe—regions still new to the phenomenon.



At least I knew (about) 5 of the 50 blogs they mentioned...


Damn you guys are dangerous when you get a few free moments, someone needs to hire you and keep you busy! ;)


27 million blogs? there are 54 million users on Myspace alone and Technorati even admits the figure of 27m is tracked not total. MSM does it again :-)

well to be fair, how many

well to be fair, how many MySpace bloggers have offered you debt consolidation or porn links?

They have a huge userbase and lots of flag this feedback built into the system, and I still got about a dozen in the month or so that I have been at MySpace, and I only have about 8 friends listed.

i was surprised

at the myspace spam i got. a couple pieces after a month. i have a myspace account, though, because a lot of local people are there that i'm trying to snag for Muncie Free Press...

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