Google Pay Per Call Goes Live


Haven't seen an official announcement of this yet, but looks like Google has put pay-per-call into full beta mode, try searching for New York Hotels (screen shot below)

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I have seen those around

I have seen those around from time to time, but have not seen them in my AdWords accounts.

Multiple friends have told me that they thought PPC is really going to change the local search market.

Good idea

This is probably the best innovation they've done to adwords in recent memory. Phone leads are far better than web leads, I'll immediately recommend to my clients to use this.

Google calls the number you provided.

Though that's a bit open to abuse doncha think? It's 3am and I decide to schedule a phone call to my mother in law.

Interesting quote from the

Interesting quote from the FAQ:

Is this just a way for Google to track me?

Funny how they figured that needed to be mentioned, but didn't go all the way and say what most people are probably thinking:

Is this just another way for Google to track me?

Full beta mode?

What do you mean by full beta mode? I can't find the paypercall ads anywhere else on Google.


Click to Call Examples

Since Google's click to call isn't fully functioning yet, we've set up a demo for people to see how the technology works. Verizon Superpages has been using for quite some time on their local search results.

do you think they guy with

do you think they guy with the phone number on the example page wants hundreds of phone calls from untargeted prospects just trying to check out the system?

Check out the system?

I'm not using it to check the system. I'm using it to have Google call my friends at 4am.

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