Time Warner Turns the Page on the Book Market


Time Warner announced they are offloading their book publishing division.

Time Warner Inc. is selling its book publishing division to the French media and defense conglomerate Lagardere SCA for $537.5 million, the companies announced Monday.

Time Warner Book Group is the fifth-largest U.S. book publisher, with a stable of writers that includes Nelson DeMille and James Patterson. Its major imprints include Warner Books and Little, Brown.

I didn't know the French had any defense conglomerates. And does anyone think combining media and defense companies is a good call for humanity?

On a more serious note, Google recently spent $1 billion on investing in AOL. I can't see them liking Time Warner shipping off their content rights overseas in one of Google's most important verticals.


The French have always been

The French have always been (one of) the biggest producers of weapons in Europe. I'm not sure there's a weapon they don't produce. (Chart)


Not only weapons, the French also contribute to humanity's mission by wearing onions and making soft cheese.

Aaron, they are

Aaron, they are huuuuuuuuuuge in the Reverse Only tanks market.

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